The Covid-19 Crisis and Your Career

The Covid-19 crisis has touched nearly every single facet of life and affected someone we know. Most people are wondering how this will impact their lives, family, career and what course of action to take to sustain, change or improve upon it.

We are experiencing fear and courage at the same time. Anxiety ridden as we try to achieve health, happiness and a sense of purpose.

As hard as it may be, we need to look deep in our soul and realize that we have to be comfortable with the unknown. We may not have all of the answers, but by discovery, reading, listening and learning as much as we can, we can build the path to our definition of success.

3 Ways to turn this crisis into a Career Upgrade

  1. Understand yourself – Achieving self-awareness and self-acceptance is crucial to making a good decision. Try to imagine who and what you are, like and want to be; rather than what your parents or partner had intended.
  2. Commit to the Unknown – When you feel the time is right, leap into a new job. Some may say it isn’t the right time or it may leave gaps in your resume.
    You will never learn anything new if you do the same thing every day. If you want to open yourself to a transformational career experience, you need to venture outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Practice Self-Care and Do All of the Above
    Take care of yourself. Keep a journal and write down how you are feeling. It will keep you grounded and allow you the chance to look back and see how much courage you demonstrated.

There is no definitive career pathway to follow, no guaranteed source of security — but that’s one of the best parts of entering the working world. Look after yourself, make friends with the unknown, and prioritize self-knowledge. These tips will help you step forward with confidence and hope when you come to the next inevitable leap.

Stay safe and healthy!