You are the CEO – what kind of an executive assistant should you hire?

You are the highest ranking Executive in the company and you are responsible for making corporate decisions, managing operations and resources of the company and so much more……. Who to hire?

  • Someone trustworthy. The ability to handle sensitive materials and not share with others.  Understanding that his/her role is to provide executive support in a one-on-one working relationship.
  • Draft and prepare correspondence for internal announcements, board meetings and anything else that the Executive is involved with.
  • Excellent technical skills.  Prepare Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, agendas, reports, special projects and anything else that will lend support.  Ability to sustain daily calendar of meetings and events.
  • Gatekeeper.  The ability to screen incoming telephone calls; keeping information confidential, prioritizing; understanding when requests are essential and gathering and providing the necessary information.
  • Service focused. Dedicated to meeting the expectations of the CEO and other senior Executives by maintaining effective relationships with interested parties.
  • Ability to think outside of the box. Having open communication and realizing the urgency of tasks.

This position is an integral role for your success!   Someone who has the ability to execute decisions, network, influence, manage and even lead.