Recommitting to 2023!

As we ring in 2023 and the new year unfolds, we should examine essential routines to make the months ahead more productive and less stressful.

  • It’s time to get organized. Take your routine tasks and time yourself.  Strive to see how fast you can go.  This small exercise will help motivate you.
  • Straighten up your work space, file emails and clean up your desk and surroundings.
  • Get dressed in clothes that make you feel confident, professional and productive.
  • Move your body. Exercise and find ways to increase your energy.
  • Review your strategic goals for the month.
  • Identify the tasks that support your objectives. These require action steps and will help you achieve your goals.
  • Allocate time to complete your tasks. Make certain that you are not calendaring and making appointments to just fill time.
  • Commit to your results.


In a remote work environment, it’s difficult to receive the affirmation and praise you readily heard in your office. Gone are the days of a “thank-you” in the break room from your colleague or the “great job on the presentation” from your boss as you walk past their office. It’s up to you to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments and successes. At the end of the work week assess your progress on your strategic goals, or count your check marks on your task list, or reflect on any positive feedback you received via email or on a Zoom call. We all want and need to be seen and valued. Recognize how you have added value to your team, company, and customers.

It’s a new year. Use the start of the year as an opportunity to create new routines that will energize you, elevate your performance, and remove stress from your workday.